Jane Miller

Jane Miller

This page is extracted from my CV, and is therefore little dull, but will at least let you find out a little about me! One day I will jazz this up with some more details of the real life Jane!


I have 11 years of experience working on projects in developing countries with 7 years spent living in Africa. Over the past 6 years I have been largely working on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS projects.

I began my working life as a dietitian within the British NHS. Then in 1991, I moved Zambia with VSO where I became Head of Nutrition at an Agricultural College in Lusaka. In 1994 I received a DFID Training Award: The Associate Professional Officers Scheme. After completing an MSc, I worked for a South African NGO, Health Systems Trust on a capacity building project.

In 1996 I was appointed as a DFID TCO, managing a DFID grant with joint funding from the South African Government and the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation. This was focussed on supporting reproductive health operational and policy oriented research, which had an impact on legislation, policy and district level implementation. This included the termination of pregnancy legislation, contraceptive policy, and enabled more effective and efficient delivery of health services for youth, STIs and TB, particularly at the district level. We also supported pilot implementation projects through designated district sites.

Recently I have written a policy on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for UK recruited health workers working in Africa. I have also written a position paper on HIV PEP for national health workers in Africa. I have facilitated a policy review process and written a Health Policy for a UK based NGO and also improved their systems for project assessment and programme review and evaluation. I have also been consulting on a HIV/AIDS health promotion initiative, which has recently been implemented with the Johns Hopkins University throughout Ghana.


MSc Health Services Management 1995
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics 1988
Leeds Metropolitan University

Management experience and skills

* Formally trained in project, financial and organisational management (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London School of Economics and City of London University).

* Considerable project management experience including the management of a DFID, South African Government, Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation joint fund in South Africa. Trained organisations and individuals in project management skills in Zambia, South Africa and in the UK.

Experience in:
* Proposal review, writing contracts, commissioning projects, financial management, project monitoring/evaluation. Reviewed over 200 proposals (150 reproductive health) over 3 years in South Africa. Involved in the monitoring of over 60 projects (50 reproductive health). Wrote concept papers and commissioned more than 25 projects.
* Commissioning technical assistance and other strategies to build capacity.
* Proposal writing, formulating business plans, devising and reviewing action plans, and providing direct and indirect support to organisations planning a project. This was a major component of my work in South Africa.
* Strategic planning, including an extensive process within a South African NGO, the Health Systems Trust
* Operational and policy oriented research. Extensive experience in South Africa.

Written and verbal skills

* Considerable writing and editing experience. Experienced in collation of relevant information and dissemination through various channels including policy briefs, books, leaflets, press releases and academic journals.
* Extensive experience in meeting facilitation, conference organisation, workshop design and implementation, course planning and syllabus review, teaching and training.
* Competent and confident public speaker. Spoken at conferences, meetings with government officials, press conferences as well as numerous training workshops and courses.
* Good communication skills and excellent ‘networker’. Have worked with community groups throughout South Africa as well as academics, service providers, funders, journalists, policy makers and local and national government officials.

HIV/AIDS knowledge and experience

* 6 years experience working with reproductive health and HIV/AIDS related projects.
* Direct experience of working with projects and commissioning work on adolescent sexuality, school health services, youth clinics, commercial sex workers, HIV and industry response (and issues related to migrant workers), improving the quality of STI services, models of home based care, TB care and services. These projects combined health systems research and evaluation with implementation.
* Extensive experience of working with NGOs, community based projects and public health services within the reproductive health and HIV/AIDS field.
* Experience of consultation with government officials and sat on the South African Department of Health HIV/AIDS research committee.
* Avidly watch current HIV/AIDS debates including those on prevention strategies, ARVs, human rights, cost effective interventions and policy.
* Written a policy on post-exposure prophylaxis and prevention of occupational exposure to HIV for UK recruited health workers practising in Africa. Commissioned to write a paper on HIV PEP for national staff in Africa.

Sami and Zoe Miller

Personal - A little more about Jane!

Over the past three years I have been taking a career break from work in Africa, while having another child and establishing a UK home base. Our intention has been to return to working overseas. I have continued my work on a consultancy basis, particularly during the last 2 years.

I have used many of my management skills within our community and I am leading a number of initiatives and sit on numerous committees. I am an active member of a local Parent Teacher Association, am a Trustee (previously vice-chair) for a Playgroup and co-lead a parent and toddler group. I have also been the chair for a highly successful Golden Jubilee Party. My management skills have enabled me to turn around the finances of a community group through mobilisation of local private industry investment. I take all that I do seriously and have the skills to network, motivate, mobilise and manage people to make things happen.

I have two young children, Zoe (4) and Sami (2). My husband, Rob, has a combined doctorate / PhD in Biochemistry, Computer Science and Chemistry. He is a US citizen and is currently associate director for bioinformatics research for a bioinformatics and drug target discovery company in London. Rob will take the lead in childcare in Abuja, and is enthusiastic about the opportunity of returning to his own research and consultancy through the Internet.