Photos in and around Abuja, Nigeria by Jane and Rob Miller
rob miller -- rob at janerob dot com
All photos copyright 2003 Jane and Rob Miller
All photos taken with Sony DSC-F717. If the image size is 640x480, they are full frame originals

street vendors at AYA intersection

The yellow strips are pay-as-you-go cards for mobile phones.


That's a bat; hope to get some better shots one day.

Fulani cattle

The Fulani are nomadic herdsmen; these were passing through one day.

Abuja views

The National Mosque.

Our corner shop.

The two local amusement parks leave a little to be desired...

... like power every time we have visited (but they let us push the rides around).

a stall at Wuse Market.

Abuja Zoo and Children's Park

Near Usama Dam