rTracker User Guide

  • Getting Started:

    • Don't try to set up and use everything at once. Get to know how trackers work before making one private or setting up reminders.
    • You should have an idea of something you want to track, and how the values work - do you know the exact number (car odometer), or is it more fuzzy (how happy am I) so better with a slider?
    • Tap the '+' in the top right corner to add a new tracker
      • Name the tracker
      • Add some values to be tracked. Each value needs a name. Select the type from the chooser, or just leave it as a number. Don't worry about the graph color or graph type until you want to change it.
      • Tap 'Save' in the top right corner and get back to the list of trackers.
    • Use your new tracker.
      • Tap the name of your tracker in the list.
      • Fill in the values.
      • Adjust the date for the entry if you want by tapping the date at the bottom of the screen. You're not allowed to set a date in the future.
      • Tap 'Save' in the top right corner to save and return to your list.
    • Review your tracked data.
      • Tap the name of your tracker in the list.
      • Turn your device sideways (landscape orientation) to see the graph of your data. There won't be anything to show until you have saved a few entries.
        • Tap the left of the screen to cycle through highlighting the different values.
        • Tap a point on the graph to go to that date when you rotate back to portrait orientation.
        • Turn your device back to portrait orientation to return to the tracker.
      • Swipe right to go to previous entries, left to go to future entries.
      • Use the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen to see dates with data. Tap a date to go to that day's first entry. You will have to swipe left to get to later entries on that day.

  • Instructions:

    • Instructions for each operation are here. Many of the screenshots are from older versions, but the controls are the same; this is because it takes a long time to capture screenshots, annotate them, and put them on the web. If you would like to help, you are welcome to do so.
    • A web-based, clickable walk-through is here. Again, the images are out of date; see above. Any blue circle is a link that will take you to a screenshot of the app as if you tapped the relevant button in the app. This does not cover all of the features of rTracker, just the basic usage.
  • Support:

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