Realidata, Ltd. rTracker Privacy Statement

    rTracker is a stand-alone application. The author does not collect any personal information through rTracker. 

    All rTracker tracker data remains on the iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) until or unless you choose to do otherwise with it - by emailing trackers, saving them to a computer, and/or by enabling iCloud backup for rTracker (recommended).

    rTracker enables you to save and access your data on your device, hopefully in the way you want to; that's it.

    If rTracker crashes, a system called Crashlytics will send the author a crash report indicating which line caused the crash and capturing the form (no value names, only value types) of the last function calculated, if any.  No personal data or information about your tracker or its data other than the form of the last function calculated is included in this report, only debugging information.

    If you contact the author, your contact details will not be shared with any other party without your explicit permission.

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