import zaurus keyring to palmos keyring
rob miller -- rob at janerob dot com

despite the amazing coolness of having unix(tm) - linux - in the palm ouf your hand, I've pretty much given up using my zaurus. its heavy, big, and the superior open source roms still aren't that stable or well supported. I bought a palm z22 (zire) off ebay with a palm soft rubber case and find it very satisfactory.

two points on reviews I found of the z22 before I bought:

having made the decision to switch back to palm, the remaining issue was getting the personal data converted over. the addresses weren't too bad, though can't remember how I did it, but for the password keyring (one of my biggest uses for a pda) I had to write some code. keyring for the zaurus held all my data and can export everything to a plain text xml file, while keyring for palm os was where I wanted to get it to. jpilot provides an open source conduit for palm os keyring, so that's where I started.

here is my modified keyring.c file. swap it for jpilot's keyring.c to get a keyring import conduit that can read your zaurus keyring xml file. you will no doubt find that all the fields do not match up perfectly, but it goes a lot faster than doing it entirely by hand.

I hope you find this useful.

24 february 2007