Prozect 1.1
now free as in beer
rob miller -- rob at janerob dot com
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Prozect is a hierarchical outliner and todo list application for the Sharp Zaurus. Its features include:

Version 1.1 adds Prozect was inspired by Progect, a Palm OS application by Laurent Burgbacher.

Prozect's source code started out as ZOutline by Serge Stinkwich. ZOutline works only under qvfb and accesses two compiled-in outlines.

The source code for Prozect 1.0 is available here. A free, save-disabled demo and a US$7 full-function compiled executable (ipkg) are available at

Update 14 July 2007: you may still buy the version, however I am selling my Zaurus and moving on to other projects.  I am therefore making the 1.1.0 version freely available here: (ipk)  (source code)

How's Business?

I include this section for anyone interested in developing Zaurus software to sell. The 'downloads' counter on the Handango page includes downloads of the demo.

month source downloads sales
Dec 03 41 2
Jan 04 101 7
Feb 04 36 3
Mar 04 45 2
Apr 04 * 6
May 04 19* 1
* = still looking; the URL didn't hit our top 30 so isn't in the stats pages.