I'm a "trailing spouse", a career choice I highly recommend - especially if you are a self-starting scientist geek who likes to travel like me.

My brilliant wife works for the FCDO, and with her I've lived in London, Durban, Cape Town, Abuja, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam and now Georgetown, Guyana. Before meeting her I lived in (and was old enough to remember) Den Hague, Stuttgart, Camp Zama (Japan), Kapaa (Hawaii), Moscow (Idaho!), Olympia, Seattle, Everett and Pullman (Washington), Washington, D.C., Buenos Aires, and Grenoble (France). Did I mention I like to travel?

My field of interest is bioinformatics, primarily protein structure prediction. My main hobby is FDM 3D printing, which I also use for protein structures so that I can claim to be working more often. I also enjoy scuba diving, running, photography and coding in general.

We have one lovely, amazing daughter; we used to have two. That loss changed my values substantially.