What data types are available in rTracker?

Integer or real
values: numbers, text,              textbox, slider, choice, boolean, function too
yes/no Also known as a boolean, or just a checkbox.  Besides the obvious applications, also useful for the start and end of functions.  See the Sleep and Car trackers.

Can set range and initial value.  Best for when you don't want to pick an actual number for the value you are tracking, but know when something is 'better' ore 'worse'.
choice Up to 6 radiobuttons, with your choice of labels.  Set the choice labels using the 'gear' options button when selecting this data type. The labels are included in the .csv export file. Set arbitrary values for each choice to build questionnaires with Likert scales.
Multiple lines, history, contacts.  The textbox is for longer entries, such as lists.  It remembers previous entries for re-use and can access your contacts, such as for guest or gift lists.  For graphing, it can optionally use the number of lines for each entry as the value.
When one line or just a word is all you need.
Just a line of text (or a blank line) in your tracker - but adds real possibilities.  A value can be set which will be stored with each entry; this can be used with shared trackers to identify the source when CSV files are merged back together.

Info entries can also have URLs, which activate when tapped.  In iOS these can take you to web pages or activate other apps with URL schemes. 

See How to use an Info value.
Specify over multiple entries or going back a fixed time, including change (delta), sum, average, and elapsed time between entries.  See How to add a function?
Functions are defined over a range of              entries

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