How to export data or trackers from rTracker?

Within a tracker, the Export menu will be visible in the top right before any values are changed.  Once a value is entered anywhere on the form, the button will change to 'Save'.

Activating the menu will present the options shown.  The 'email' choices will open the iOS Mail app with the specified file attached and some explanatory text.

A CSV file is a standard text file with 'comma separated values', which can be imported and analyzed by a spreadsheet program.

The 'Tracker' and 'Tracker+Data' options generate files with a '.rtrk' extension.  These files can be read by rTracker on iOS -- just look for the 'open with' or 'copy to' entry for rTracker in the iOS sharing menu, for example when you tap an attachment in a mail message.
tap 'Export' before making any
In the 'Edit' page there is an 'Export all' button to save all visible trackers.  Progress bars will be shown as each tracker is saved, and user interaction with rTracker is disabled until all operations complete.

Trackers are saved as <tracker name>_out.plist files, and their associated data are stored as <tracker name>_out.csv files in rTracker's 'Documents' directory.  This directory can be accessed through iTunes on a PC or Mac, or using software like Macroplant's iExplorer.   Please see the sections below to access these files.

Please Note:  As of version 2.0.0, 'Export all' ignores the privacy setting -- all trackers will be saved.
tap 'Export all' to save all visible
              trackers at once

To get the files, start iTunes with your device connected.  Select your device, and go to the 'Apps' tab.  Scroll to the bottom to see a list of installed Apps which are configured to share files.  Select rTracker.
iTunes -> device/apps/rTracker to
              collect your files
The right-hand pane will show a list of the files which have been exported.  The .csv files are comma-separated-value files which contain the stored data for your tracker, and these can be imported into a spreadsheet program. 

The .plist files are XML files which contain your tracker definitions.  Although these are readable, their main purpose is to enable the export, saving and import of trackers separate from their data.

select rTracker, the trackers you
              want, and click 'save to'