How to create a reminder for a tracker?

Tap the 'Edit' button to access the tracker configuration controls, including reminders.

Select the tracker to add a reminder for.
reminders are under the 'Edit' controls         Reminders are tied to individual trackers
Tap the 'i' button, then 'Reminders' on the next screen.
Reminders are a tracker-wide feature         Reminders are accessed at this level
This is a weekday exercise reminder that will trigger at 5:30 pm, unless data has already been saved for the Exercise tracker today.  All the colored labels (blue and magenta) are options, which are changed by tapping.

The first section has settings to 'Delay 20 hours from the last save of the Exercise tracker'.  This ensures that the reminder will not bother you if you already exercised this morning.  Delays may be specified as minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, and they may be from a specific date, or from the last save of the tracker or any specific field within it.  The 'Delay:' button can alternately present a list of days of the month (e.g. 1,15,30).

After the delay criteria is satisfied (wait at least 20 hours from the last save of the Exercise tracker), the next section specifies when the reminder will trigger.  In this case, Monday through Friday at 5:30 pm. 

The final section allows setting the text to be displayed in the reminder notification ('Exercise start!'), and the checkbox enables or disables the reminder as desired.

Additional reminders can be created and accessed with the '<' and '+>' buttons at the top of the form.  iOS allows up to 64 active reminders for each app.

A reminder is deleted by setting something that can't trigger (for example, turning off all the weekday buttons) and leaving the form.
Exercise reminder weekdays at 5:30
The 'gear' icon in the main reminder screen enables setting the 'specific start date' above if the reminder is not triggered from the last tracker save, as well as optional sounds for the reminder.

Special thanks to freeSFX for providing the sound files!
start date and sound may be set as well

This reminder is configured for a 'mood' or 'self' tracker, and will activate up to six times throughout the day.  The reminders will trigger no less than 1 hour apart due to the delay criteria, and otherwise will occur randomly (but spread roughly evenly between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm).

Reminder for a mood tracker that triggers six times randomly throughout day
Reminders are set (scheduled) when the tracker configuration is saved, when tracker data is saved, and when a tracker is visited after reminders have been shown.

To inspect scheduled reminders without leaving this screen, click the 'set reminders' button to schedule them, followed by the 'database info' button to inspect them.
use 'set reminders' and 'database info' buttons to check reminders     Multiple reminders set for Exercise tracker