Your tracks in electronic form   rTracker Mood Tracker for iOS

Track your world, your way.

Design and use your own mood tracker with rTracker

How are you today? Right now? How would you capture your changes in mood and feelings throughout the day? rTracker can handle the concepts that you want to measure.

Mood tracking is sensitive to set and setting, so to get a realistic view over time we need readings when they're not expected. The Self tracker uses rTracker's reminders functionality to query mood at six random times throughout the day to solve this problem.

Once upon a time, Biorhythms were believed by many to influence our daily lives. Does your experience of life follow any patterns? More importantly, can you influence those patterns for the better? Track and find out.

Download Self.rtrk

Mood tracker controls
Track your mood with a Self tracker in rTracker.

Reminder controls set to notify at six random times, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Configure reminders to query your status randomly throughout the day.

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