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Design and use your own sleep tracker with rTracker

To sleep better, you need to understand how you sleep over time and what affects that pattern. To use this tracker, tap the first checkbox and save when you go to bed. Tap the second checkbox when you get up, evaluate your sleep experience with the other controls, and save. If you forget, you can always go back and add or edit the data with the timestamp you want.

Scrolling down from the values shown in this screenshot are functions calculating the number of hours resting, a 'sleep score', and your average resting hours per night over the last month.

You may have your own sleep features to capture. That flexibility is exactly what rTracker is designed to handle, so you can customize any of these trackers to log just what you want.

Download Sleep.rtrk

Sleep tracker controls
Use the sleep tracker to understand your own parameters for a good night's sleep.

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